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Our Family & Tradition Influence

TGR Davis Family Texan Guest Ranch

Nestled among rustling palms and flowering bougainvillea, the Texan Guest Ranch has offered South Texas hospitality for more than 85 years.  Generations of guests have been introduced to the tropical magic of the Rio Grande Valley on twenty acres of native trees and plants.  In the early 1920's Loyd Bentsen purchased the original farm house north of Mcallen to convert into a guesthouse.  Years later, it is now the beautiful Texan Guest Ranch.

Notable guests over the years have included Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Although much has changed on the Ranch, the lobby and family style dining room still welcome new and returning guests in the surrounding of bygone days: the serape mosaic tile floor, whispering ceiling fans and smiling friendly faces.

Texan Guest Ranch stays occupied year round with business people, maquiladora specialists, new comers checking out the area, and Winter Texan regulars.  Business guests say they wish they could find lodging similar to the Guest Ranch elsewhere, but the ranch is unique.  

Owned and Operated by the Davis family now for more than 4 decades, the Texan Guest Ranch offers the special feeling of a home-away-from-home to its guests. The 3rd generation is now at the helm with Doug and Karina Davis adding their personal touch to hospitality at the ranch.